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Laundry Wall Decals

What kind of quotes are suitable for laundry rooms?
Laundry room wall decals are beautiful and funny additions to any laundry space. From 'Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow' to 'The Laundry Room loads of fun!!' there is a quote for everyone. We also offer washing machine swirls to decorate your washer or dryer. There is nothing like a decorated laundry room to make doing laundry that much more fun!!

Why you need wall decals in laundry room?
Creative a playful laundry space can not only add fun to an otherwise mundane task but it can also encourage the entire family to be a part of household chores.

Are laundry decals water proof?
Laundry wall decals should be placed on the wall or on the outside of your washer or dryer. While wall decals can handle a bit of moister, they are not meant to be placed on the inside of washing machines. So keep them on the outside, where everyone can enjoy them!!

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